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You may be surprised at companies that have not been included. The "noisiest" in the marketplace are not always the best. We have chosen 1) newer innovative companies that are performing well and garnering respect in their respective niches as well as 2) "Main Street" companies that have been reliably getting the job done for decades ... in some cases centuries. Our oldest partner, thus far, has been in business since 1819! That's staying power.

Rest assured, if we've included a certain vendor in a site's line-up, there's a very specific reason for it. You may have to hunt and poke a bit, but it'll be well worth the effort. Enjoy the adventure!

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The Leader of the Pack

Natural History (10 Issues/1 Year)

Natural History: A magazine for the student of natural history ... young or old, educated professional or layperson. Feature articles explore all the types of life on planet Earth - past and present - and places those life forms in context with one another (an emphasis is placed on the study of how human beings interact with and affect animals and one another), as well as with the ecosystems and environment of which they are a part (including geographic locales and geology).

Customer Favorites:

Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. First came the books. Now they've added every other product on the planet. The ultimate in selection and convenience across multiple categories.

Audubon: The Digital Version of the publication of the National Audubon Society ... covering the latest in national and international environmental and conservation issues and efforts. You'll find in-depth articles accompanied by stunning photography, graphics, and maps that will enhance your appreciation of the importance of nature, wildlife, and a clean environment. You'll also read about the latest research and discoveries regarding endangered species, natural history, and humanity's relationship with the planet.

Birdwatching: An award-winning and elegantly presented publication that combines intriguing articles with superb color photography, and appeals to bird enthusiasts ranging from casual birdwatchers to serious birders. You'll enjoy helpful hints for backyard feeding and landscaping, handy identification tips, photography pointers, lots of destinations and advice for traveling birders, and much more!

Field & Stream: The ultimate guide for hunting and fishing sportsmen who love the great outdoors. In addition to the hunting and fishing focus, you'll also find articles on environmental conservation, camping, hunting dogs, do-it-yourself projects, travel tips, and game recipes ... all complemented by beautiful photography of wildlife and natural settings.

ID: The magazine where it's all about Ideas & Discoveries ... providing a perfect balance of science, nature, psychology, history, and current events, combined with complementary photography and graphics.

National Geographic (12 Issues/1 Year)

National Geographic: Probably the most beloved of all magazines since it was first published in 1888. Your source for information about the world and its people. Riveting journalism. Stunning photography. Informative maps. Bringing you up close and personal to the fascinating people, places, animals, and environments around the globe that most people rarely get to visit or experience. (Winner of the 2013 National Magazine Award for General Excellence and Photography). Available at a fabulously affordable price!

National Geographic Kids (10 Issues/1 Year)

National Geographic - Kids: The 2nd level of National Geo geared towards children - for kids age 6-12. Now it becomes about keeping the kids reading, thinking, learning, and having fun while they do those things! The kids will enjoy learning about wildlife (all animals, actually, embracing adventure, other kids, sports, science, technology, terrific places in the world, and popular culture.

National Geographic Little Kids (6 Issues/1 Year)

National Geographic - Little Kids: The children's version of the beloved magazine that "takes us around the world" on an adventure. Kids (3-6) will love the engaging stories, colorful photographs, and interactive picture games.

Outdoor Life (24 Issues/2 Year)

Outdoor Life: A popular magazine bringing you news on hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, archery, photography, and conservation ... life outdoors. You'll also find articles on scenic travel destinations and reviews of the best camping and outdoor equipment. Special features include true-life adventure stories of people's experiences "roughing it" in the wild.

Outdoor Photographer (11 Issues/1 Year)

Outdoor Photographer: A magazine for and by landscape, wildlife, sports, and travel photographers.

Outside (12 Issues/1 Year)

Outside: A contemporary lifestyle magazine for the active adult having a focus on the outdoors. The mission of its editors (since 1977): inspire participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of sports, people, places, adventures, discoveries, environmental issues, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends, and events that define the active lifestyle. (A 2013 National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence)

OWL (20 Issues/2 Year)

Owl Magazine: A magazine focused on the topics of science, technology, and the natural world for kids aged 9-13.

Personalized and inspirational jewelry

Nature's Jewelry: A Favorite Catalog for Lovers of Nature & Jewelry for Decades ... such wonderful animal and wildlife-themed pieces and so much more - even jewelry for each and every holiday ... now online!

Young Explorer

Young Explorers: The online version of the catalog for young explorers ... providing fun and creative educational toys that allow kids to learn and safely explore their world through play and to gain skills that can be practically applied ... even in their future, chosen vocations! Just a wonderful collection of specialty toys.

Ranger Rick (10 Issues/1 Year)

Ranger Rick: An award-winning magazine designed to bring the wonders of nature, wildlife, and the environment to children ages 7-12.

Ranger Rick Jr. (10 Issues/1 Year)

Ranger Rick Jr.: A magazine designed, like its "older brother" Ranger Rick, to teach children about nature, wildlife, and the environment ... this version geared to kids aged 4-7.

Scientific American (12 Issues/1 Year)

Scientific American: America's super long-lived "erudite" scientific magazine ... providing a forum where working scientists and Nobel laureates present their latest work across a broad range of fields, including medicine, technology, energy, the environment, business, and more. Written and edited with technically educated professionals and managers in mind, feature articles provide relevant information on how the latest advances apply to industry, the professions, and public policy. The range of topics is wide and diverse ... a long way from the 4 page publication launched in 1845. It is the longest continuously running monthly publication in the US.

The New York Times Online Store: Great Gifts born from a legendary newspaper's archives. You'll be amazed at the possibilities here! Plan to spend the afternoon. The archives are just the beginning ... there's signed sports memorabilia, fine paintings, antiquarian books,, etc. The breadth and quality of inventory is stupefying!!

Zoobooks: It's All About Inspiring Children to Learn About and Love Nature and Its Animals. Each Zoobook Magazine is focused on and contains content specific to one animal. Kids Love It. Ages 6-12.

More Resources: If you love Art ... any kind of art, any subject ... you're gonna love this site. It's a feast for the senses. You can browse by subject, genre, artist, room to be decorated, and even color palate. Once you've found the image you've been looking for and/or can't live without, then you have multiple product types to choose from ... there's even a great selection of wall tapestries. You'll have fun here ... no matter your special interests or current decorating mission. Their tag line says it all: "Find Your Art, Love Your Space."

Click: Introducing kids ages 3 to 7 to the world that's all around them and serving to engage their natural curiosity. Each issue of the magazine is full of stories, articles, activities, and fun characters that will spark a lifelong love of reading and learning about nature, the sciences, and the arts.

Coral Magazine: The world's leading reef and marine aquarium magazine, avidly read by beginning aquarists and seasoned marine biologists alike. CORAL focuses on reef species, awesome aquarium profiles, hands-on secrets to create and keep a thriving, stunningly beautiful reef aquarium. Written by marine experts and illustrated with breathtaking underwater color images.

Duncraft Wild Bird Superstore: The leading resource for wild bird feeding products in the USA (since 1952). You'll find Duncraft bird feeders, wild bird and nature-related gifts, bird foods, pest solutions, and garden decor.

National Geographic En Espanol (24 Issues/2 Year)

National Geographic en Espanol: The favorite global publication that, in and of itself, really constitutes a celebration of the world's cultures ... Spanish-speaking readers will enjoy diverse feature articles on world cultures and people, natural marvels, the animal world, science, and technology.

National Geographic Traveler (8 Issues/1 Year)

National Geographic Traveler: Nat Geo's spinoff publication that tells you all about the amazing travel destinations National Geographic Society reporters and photographers have visited, while giving you the advice and tips you need to get there. You'll find recommendations for hotels and other lodgings, detailed maps, feature articles about vacation destinations in the US and abroad, and other helpful travel advice.

OutdoorPlay: The site for lovers of "adult outdoor play" including kayaking, hiking, camping, climbing, backpacking, stand-up paddle boarding, etc. Carrying brands such as Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, Ocean Kayak, Burton, Kelty, Black Diamond, Thermarest, Wilderness Systems, and Perception Kayaks. Oregon-based.

Shop PBS: PBS is, quite possibly, the largest "stage for the arts" in the country, albeit, an electronic one captured in digital format! You'll find and enjoy shopping for programming for the entire family as well as "collections" of affiliated merchandise.

Wind & Weather: Providing just a really neat selection of weather instruments and stations as well as "wind and weather" related home decor (indoors and out) such as wind chimes and weathervanes. They've "been at home with nature" since 1976. You don't have to be a weather geek to enjoy this site ... again, just lots and lots of neat stuff from the practical and decorative to the vintage and whimsical ... great for gift shopping. We love it!

World Book Store: World Book is now online as The World Book Online Reference Center and is still a favorite reference for kids, parents, and teachers alike. Especially with all the interactive tools that have been integrated into it. Other favorites across the decades ... also now available online: World Book Children Discovery Encyclopedia & World Book Childcraft How and Why Library. Thousands of wonderful books for fun and learning ... I could spend days here. They even have a fabulous (!!!) selection of Christmas books!

Welcome to ... an unlimited network of sites encompassing all your special interests and favorite destinations. Our aim: to make your online browsing, shopping, and socializing easier, more efficient, and even more private. Explore and Enjoy!
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